Pro Silver frame Only (not available to purchase separately)


Its revolutionary lightweight aluminium frame which is tough and durable lasts for years, if not a lifetime unlike other plastic models.  Its ZÜCA lifetime warranty proves that!

Ever wondered if you can sit on your luggage?  Your ZÜCA bag is a rolling bag on wheels with a seat built in.  Designed to take the load off your back, the ZUCA bag is orthopaedic as it alleviates spinal strain and therefore prevents future back aliments. You pull it, not carry it! For travellers of all kinds, this is a game changer.  If you're a business traveller, A scholar who needs a seat whilst waiting for your school lift or even a fisherman in need of a tackle box seat, you'll love sitting on your ZÜCA.  

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Zuca Pro Powder Coated Alluminium Frame only (no Insert)

  • AA Certified as Carry-on Luggage / Aerospace-inspired Aluminium Alloy Frame is light weight and supports up to 135kgs
  • 104cm Telescoping handle
  • 4-Inch Polyurethane Recessed Wheels

Data sheet

Dimension Including Wheels
49.53cm H x 25.4cm W x 34.29cm D